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I’m sure you saw that one of the options on the Kickstarter was the option to pick our next book. Well! It sold!
And the backer who chose it, Natalie Edmondson, asked if we could let the fan community choose. And of course I said yes! I can’t think of a better way to thank everyone and I’m so touched that Natalie wanted to open it up like this.

Natalie & Kate narrowed down the options and you have four to pick from! You do not have to have pledged to the Kickstarter to vote. We’d love to encourage more viewers to get to know the series & get involved, so spread this around!

Please read the stories & vote below before Friday!

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Kissing in the Rain Umbrella Art

Because kissing…in the rain. With umbrellas. Get it?

(See it in action here.)

Katie, can you stop doing such amazing things?
Just kidding, don’t stop.

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My hands slip. Like a lot.

Kissing in the Rain

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I’ve been intrigued and delighted by the increase in transmedia stories and web series popping up on YouTube, tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In particular, I admire how people are taking advantage of the high degree of technological connectivity in today’s age to represent timeless classics. So far, I’ve found:

Literature Adaptations

Literature-Related Adaptations

  • BlankVerse - reimagining the work of William Shakespeare in a modern university context. (ongoing)
  • Classic Alice - a girl decides to base important life decisions on what characters do in classic literature. (ongoing)
  • I Didn’t Write This - book excerpts adapted to video with music. (ongoing)
  • University Ever After - fairy tale characters go to college. (ongoing)

Do you know of any others I can add? If so, please let me know.

@IAmJamesElton: Celebrating the beginning of a life together [x]

Celebrating the beginning of a life together [x]

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Kissing in the Rain is a new series from shipwreckedcomedy in which two sets of actors keep finding themselves kissing in the rain, all while grappling with their off-camera feelings between takes.

Kissing in the Rain - Ep. 7: Lily & James
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Mary Kate Wiles as Lily
Sean Persaud as James

Created by Yulin Kuang

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This is it! Hope you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for watching and shipping and writing and creating and stick around for Chapter 2!

Kissing in the Rain: Rough Drafts



Lily stares at the composed text, her thumb hovering over “send”. It’s been six weeks since she last saw James in person, and it’s been raining for the last two of them. There hasn’t been any reason for them to see each other, they don’t have any projects together in the foreseeable future. She’s heard rumors of James signing onto the next Marvel franchise, Lily’s manager has started pushing her more towards YA book-to-film adaptations. Lily doesn’t mind the change of pace, she’s more than just kissing in the rain and period dramas and romantic leads. She can do more, she’d like to do more, she just… sometimes she misses things.

Stupid things, things she won’t bother composing mental lists about because her life is not a 1990’s romantic comedy, and she’s never liked when the heroes of the story come to life-changing romantic epiphanies through addition. When Lily likes someone, she likes them past the point of mathematical explanation.

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And this is what happens before episode 7 of Kissing in the rain, and we just can’t. Urgent need to drink our feelings with hot chocolate (KitRfood)