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Okay, who else just looked up airfare to New Zealand even though they knew they didn’t have the money or the time?


“In the book, it’s basically [Victor Frankenstein] goes to school and then there’s a two-year gap and suddenly he’s sort of this crazy scientist who thinks everyone’s against him… so our big thing was we wanted to sort of focus in on those two years. We looked at that as an opportunity to tell what we thought was the most interesting story: how the doctor becomes the mad scientist, essentially.”
— "Frankenstein M.D." co-creator and director Brett Register on adapting and gender-swapping Dr. Frankenstein; Backstage Magazine (via pemberleyintern)

Get ready! #butterfly #hanschristianandersen #fan #classicalice via Instagram


Get ready! #butterfly #hanschristianandersen #fan #classicalice via Instagram

Victoria being an adorable scientist, taking in notes (x)

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On today’s episode:

Shirtless Eli Lavenza
Thank you Frankenstein MD


frankenstein MD is getting so good

anna lore’s acting in today’s episode is so good if they keep this up it’s gonna be one hell of a series